A Business-Class Flight to Auckland: Is It Worth the Splurge?

The High Cost of Long-Haul Business-Class Flights May Not Be Worth It

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing a luxurious 12-hour business-class flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand. Although the cost of Air New Zealand’s business-class seats on this route is around $6,000, which is quite expensive, the experience was worth it.

While I am always tempted by first-class and business-class seats when booking a flight, my budget doesn’t allow for such extravagance. However, that all changed when I was invited by Air New Zealand in the summer of 2021 to visit their headquarters and experience their newly redesigned cabins. For the flight to Auckland, I was seated in business class for the first time. It was an incredibly glamorous experience, but I knew it was not something I could afford to do often.

The extra space, delicious food, and unlimited drinks were all incredibly tempting. The cabin design was elegant and comfortable, with plenty of legroom and ample storage space for my luggage. The seats were also equipped with noise-canceling headphones and entertainment systems that made for a relaxing journey.

Despite the luxury of the flight, I don’t see myself justifying that expense again in the near future as it is quite expensive. However, if given another opportunity to travel in business class again or even try out first class on a different airline, I would definitely consider it as an indulgence worth experiencing once in a while.

Overall, flying in business class on Air New Zealand’s route from Los Angeles to Auckland was a truly luxurious experience that left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated upon arrival at my destination.

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