A Glimpse into the Hidden Vault: Bethesda’s Surprise Announcement of ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’

Bethesda confirms playable version of “The Elder Scrolls VI” but release date years away

Bethesda Game Studios has announced that they have a hidden vault containing a playable version of “The Elder Scrolls VI”. The developer made this revelation during a message celebrating the 30th anniversary of the popular fantasy franchise. The focus of the message was to review the history of the video game saga, which began with “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” in 1994 and continued through titles such as “Daggerfall”, “Morrowind”, “Oblivion”, and “Skyrim”.

Towards the end of the message, the future of the franchise was discussed, specifically mentioning “The Elder Scrolls VI”. This game was announced in 2018 but only a brief teaser has been released so far. The text indicated that developers are working on the new chapter and have experienced joy, excitement, and anticipation while playing early versions of the game.

Fans of the franchise may find comfort in knowing that Microsoft, owners of the franchise, have hinted at releasing it by 2028. However, this delay has not dampened their enthusiasm for awaiting its arrival.


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