Adena Health Board of Trustees Elects Steve Hirsch as Chair: Meet the New Members Bringing Diverse Expertise to the Table

Adena Health Board of Trustees Appoints Officers and Introduces New Members

Adena Health Board of Trustees in Chillicothe has appointed Steve Hirsch as the new chair, succeeding Jennifer McKell. McKell will remain on the board as past chair, with Bob French serving as vice chair, Brian Ream as secretary, and Kevin Shoemaker as treasurer. The board also welcomed three new members: Penny Dehner representing First Presbyterian Church, Jim Crabtree representing Trinity United Methodist Church, and Sean Kallner representing Tabernacle Baptist Church.

The new members bring diverse expertise to the board. Dehner is a retired behavioral health administrator with experience at the Paint Valley ADAMH Board. Crabtree brings vast experience in education, marketing, and telecommunications management. Kallner has over 20 years of experience in finance, education, and senior leadership roles.

Adena Health is governed by a 15-member board that consists of representatives from founding churches, at-large members and medical staff. The board members contribute diverse expertise and perspectives to address the needs of the community. Adena Health offers a wide range of services and more information can be found on their website or social media platforms.

The departure of Bart Henshaw, Larry Phillips, and Joe Watson marks the end of their maximum allowed terms on the board. The new members will bring fresh perspectives to the table and help steer Adena Health towards its continued growth and success.

The Adena Health Board of Trustees is committed to providing quality healthcare services to the community through collaboration between medical staff and community leaders. With its diverse membership base, it has been able to offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of patients across Ohio.

The appointment of Steve Hirsch as chair reflects the organization’s dedication to ensuring that it continues to provide excellent care for its patients while also staying ahead of industry trends. With his extensive experience in healthcare administration and his commitment to patient care, Hirsch is well-suited to lead Adena Health into its next chapter.

As Adena Health continues to grow and expand its services, it is clear that its Board of Trustees remains committed to providing top-notch healthcare for all those who need it most. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise

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