Austrian Airlines Strike Threat: Unions Call for Better Financial Terms, Airlines Plan Replacement Transportation

On-board staff strike looming closer

Austrian Airlines faces a strike threat by on-board staff involving at least 3,500 employees this week. Collective agreement negotiations were terminated without a resolution on Sunday, and no negotiations took place on Monday. However, both parties indicate a willingness to continue discussions.

The vida unionist Daniel Liebhart states that the union is prepared to negotiate at any time and has even set aside a room for negotiations at the ÖGB. The union has approached Austrian Airlines, emphasizing the importance of financial numbers in their offer.

AUA spokeswoman Sophie Matkovits mentions that the airline is eager to discuss their offer but requires a significant movement from the union. Matkovits adds that a decision regarding flight cancellations due to the strike threat will be made on Tuesday.

If flight cancellations occur, Austrian Airlines must provide replacement transportation to passengers. This could involve flights with other airlines, train or bus journeys, or compensation for those unable to find alternatives.

The stake in negotiations is high for both sides, with the union seeking better financial terms while the airline is calculating offers based on inflation and one-off payments. Despite the looming strike threat, both parties are open to further discussions to reach a resolution.

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