Banh Cuon Fever: A Serious Case of Food Poisoning in Vietnam

Developing septic shock following consumption of rice rolls

A 56-year-old man developed severe symptoms, including vomiting, difficulty breathing, and stomach cramps, after eating banh cuon. He was diagnosed with septic shock and food poisoning and was admitted to the Department of Infectious Resuscitation at the Clinical Institute of Infectious Diseases. The patient’s condition was critical, with a rapid pulse, low blood pressure, and other complications.

Doctors determined that the man had developed shock complications and acute kidney injury due to food poisoning. Treatment included resuscitation against shock, antibiotics, and active nutrition. After five days of treatment, the man’s health improved, and he was discharged from the hospital. Dr. Nguyen Trong The emphasized the seriousness of food poisoning and the importance of prompt medical attention.

Food poisoning is an infectious disease that spreads through the gastrointestinal tract, often caused by contaminated food or water. Poor hygiene practices while handling, storing or processing food can lead to infection. To prevent food poisoning it is essential to consume cooked food, drink boiled water and avoid contaminated sources. Regular handwashing exercise can also help reduce the risk of infection.

If symptoms of food poisoning occur seeking medical care promptly is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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