Breaking Down López Obrador’s Judicial Reform: Defending Justice over Market Concerns.

AMLO: Reforms are prioritizing justice over markets

As a result of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s decision to reform the Judiciary, nervousness gripped the markets and the peso was close to 18 pesos per dollar. Despite this, López Obrador stood firm on his position that justice is more important than market concerns. He likened the decision to choose between law or justice as defining factors.

Following the elections that favored the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, the dollar rose in relation to the peso and uncertainty remained regarding the qualified majority for the party. The proposed reform of the Judiciary by Morena legislators raised concerns in financial sectors due to oligarch influence in the Judiciary.

President López Obrador reassured that despite opposition from those who fear losing influence in the Judiciary, he would proceed with reforming it in an orderly and non-authoritarian manner. He encouraged dialogue among all sectors regarding this issue and emphasized respect for laws and Constitution.

The president emphasized that discussion of this reform would not impact transition with next president Claudia Sheinbaum. He reiterated his stance on electing members of judicial branch through popular vote, while welcoming engagement of judicial branch union in debate.

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