Breaking News: Donald Trump Faces Seizure of Assets as Insurance Companies Refuse to Provide $454 Million Bond for Civil Fraud Case”.

Insurance companies scoffed at the request for a $454 million bond for Trump: Eric Trump.

Eric Trump has claimed that insurance companies were not willing to provide a $454 million bond to cover his father’s penalty in a civil fraud case. The former President, Donald Trump, must pay this amount by Monday or risk having his assets seized. In a statement to Fox News, Eric Trump expressed frustration at the exorbitant sum and explained that such a large bond is not even available in the United States.

The former President is currently appealing the civil fraud verdict, which found him liable for $355 million plus interest. Despite attempts to delay the penalty, a judge rejected the motion in February. Donald Trump believes that the case is politically motivated, a sentiment echoed by Eric Trump. He described the situation as “lawfare” designed to stop Donald Trump from financing his election campaign.

Eric Trump emphasized the rarity of such a large bond in the US, with even a $10 million bond being considered substantial. The Trump family is now facing the challenge of raising a sum that Eric Trump deems “not physically possible.” The former President posted on Truth Social last week stating that he has around $500 million in cash but doesn’t intend to give money to what he considers to be an unfair judge.

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