Breaking the Barrier: The New Sci-Fi Film Featuring Billie Boullet, Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich”.

Billie Boullet teams up with Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich for World Breaker

Billie Boullet, a talented Brit-French actress who recently received a Critics Choice nomination for her portrayal of Anne Frank in the Nat Geo and Disney+ series A Small Light, is set to join forces with Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich in the upcoming sci-fi survival thriller World Breaker. The movie is being directed by Brad Anderson and is currently being filmed in Northern Ireland.

World Breaker tells the story of a tear in the fabric of reality that allows creatures from an alternate dimension to enter Earth, threatening its destruction. In order to protect his daughter, a father hides her on an island and trains her for the battles ahead. However, with the world on the brink of collapse, no place is truly safe.

Boullet will play the daughter of Evans and Jovovich in the film. Mila Harris is also part of the cast. The script was written by Joshua Rollins and the movie is being produced by Martin Brennan of 23ten, with support from Northern Ireland Screen.

The Exchange has been tasked with handling international sales rights for World Breaker, which was introduced to buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin. Boullet, known for her work in The Worst Witch, is represented by UTA and Curtis Brown Group.

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