Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame Inducts Class of 2024: A Night to Celebrate Exceptional Athletes and their Community Impact

Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes Class of 2024

The Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame recently held its 19th annual banquet to honor the Class of 2024. Pictured in the photo are the inductees, including Dan Waldron from Franklinville, Jerry Capozzi from Gowanda, Kathy Feldman from West Valley, John Burrell from Ellicottville, and Matt Milne from Portville. Standing in the photo are Chris Edwards from Pioneer, Chad Bartoszek from Salamanca, Dan Metzler from Bishop Walsh, Gary Cuddy from Hinsdale, and Mike Taylor from Olean.

The event was a special occasion to recognize these individuals for their contributions to sports in the Cattaraugus County area. Each inductee has made a significant impact in their respective sports and communities, earning them a well-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame. The ceremony was an opportunity for friends, family, and fans to come together and celebrate the achievements of these exceptional athletes.

The Hall of Fame banquet was a memorable night filled with stories, laughter, and recognition for the inductees. It was a time to reflect on the hard work and dedication that these individuals have put into their sports over the years. As they were honored and celebrated for their accomplishments, the inductees expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement they have received from their loved ones and community.

Overall, the Class of 2024 induction ceremony was a success, showcasing the talent and passion that these individuals have brought to the world of sports. Their induction into the Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame is a testament to their skills, perseverance

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