Douglas County Extends Public Health Order Amid Influx of Migrants from Venezuela

Douglas County extends mandate on public health order for migrants

In response to the influx of tens of thousands of migrants, mainly from Venezuela, arriving in Denver in recent months, officials in Douglas County have extended a public health order. The order requires any entities or individuals who are sending groups of migrants to take shelter in the county to provide personal information about the migrants. This includes details such as their country of origin, health screenings, and other information.

Michael Hill, director of the Douglas County Health Department, stated that the extension of the order was necessary for the preservation of public health, safety, and welfare in Douglas County. The Board of Health adopted the order months ago to set requirements for any entities sending migrants to the county for shelter, despite having no prior indications that migrants would be placed in Douglas County.

While there have been no migrants dropped off in Douglas County as of mid-March, local leaders are preparing to enact an ordinance to prevent bus drivers from unloading passengers in unplanned locations. The order will remain in effect until it is rescinded by the county health board.

Officials in Denver tracked roughly 40,000 migrants, not all of whom chose to stay. Many were provided with one-way bus tickets to other cities, with Chicago and New York City being the top destinations. Some migrants initially stayed in Denver but later moved to other Colorado cities or states in search of jobs or more affordable housing.

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