Easter Weekend Weather Alert: Expect Rain, Wind and Gusty Storms in the Region

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As we head into Easter Weekend, warmer weather is moving into the region. From today through Tuesday, we can expect periods of rain and brisk winds with gusts up to 30 mph. Cloudy skies will be a constant throughout the next few days.

Today, we can expect rain throughout the day, with a high of 47. Winds will be coming from the southeast and gusting up to 30 mph. Tonight will remain cloudy, breezy, and rainy with a low of 43.

Tomorrow will bring cloudy and windy conditions with rain showers, and a high of 55. Wednesday is expected to be mostly sunny and windy, with a high of 38. Thursday will see mostly sunny skies and a high of 43. Friday will be partly cloudy with a high of 49.

Saturday is forecasted to have mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain showers, with a high of 46. Easter Sunday is expected to be partly sunny with a high of 47. Monday could bring some showers with a high near 45.

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