Exploring the Art and Science of Chocolate Manufacturing: A Glimpse into the Intricate Process Behind Every Bite

Chocolate Manufacturing Experts Study the Science of Chocolates at Aggie Chocolate Factory

Chocolate manufacturing is an intricate process that combines science and artistry, and even experienced candy makers can always learn more about it. Recently, several industry experts gathered in Logan for a short course at the Aggie Chocolate Factory. The course, titled “The Art and Science of Chocolate Manufacturing,” featured presentations from confectionery industry experts as well as hands-on opportunities to make chocolate.

The course was attended by professionals from renowned chocolate companies such as Hershey, Guittard, Wilbur’s of Maine, and Ghirardelli. Hosted by the Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association (PMCA), the event provided a comprehensive overview of the chocolate production process. Participants delved into topics ranging from cocoa bean cultivation and sustainable farming practices to the various stages of processing used to create cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, compound coating, chocolate, and chocolate confections.

Steve Bernet, the Manager of the Aggie Chocolate Factory, emphasized the importance of hosting a PMCA course at their facility. He highlighted the integral role that the factory plays in supporting Utah State University’s (USU) food science program and providing hands-on learning experiences for students interested in chocolate production. While the factory also sells products, its primary focus is on research and education, offering students the opportunity to learn about the science of chocolate “from bean to bar.”

Utah State University food science Professor Silvana Martini praised the PMCA for its dedication to educating confectionery professionals. She expressed her excitement about collaborating with the association to further their mission of empowering members to create products that bring joy to people through innovative techniques and processes.

Overall, this course was a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to deepen their knowledge of chocolate manufacturing while gaining insights from experts in the field. The hands-on experience allowed participants to explore different aspects of chocolate production while learning about sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing methods.

The Aggie Chocolate Factory’s commitment to education and research has made it an ideal location for such courses. The PMCA recognized this potential when they approached Steve Bernet with an opportunity to host their conference at their facility.

As Steve Bernet stated during his presentation at the conference: “We are thrilled to be part of this exciting collaboration between USU’s food science program and our own passion for innovation in chocolate production.” He went on to explain how hosting events like these allows them

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