Global Adventures: The Unique Experience of IDSVA’s International Residencies

Exploring the World: Student Travel with e-flux Education

In recent years, IDSVA has held residencies in various locations around the world, including Mexico City, Athens, and Marrakech. During these residencies, students shared their experiences and thoughts about the program.

One student, Maggie McKee, expressed her excitement about the program’s structure as an international teacher. She appreciated that she could continue working during the program while also being with her family and having rich learning opportunities. Another student, Monica Bryant, described IDSVA as the perfect PhD program due to its hybrid format of online coursework and global residencies. Rikiesha Metzger highlighted the thrilling journey around the world that was made possible by IDSVA’s blend of online and in-person residencies.

Amy Schuessler expressed gratitude for the opportunity to travel as part of the program, particularly emphasizing the magical experience of being in Mexico City. Elliot Bowers emphasized the privilege of studying, conversing, and being challenged by fellow students in beautiful locations around the world.

What sets IDSVA apart from other programs is its unique approach to education. Those interested in learning more can book a conversation with Molly Davis, the Director of Admissions, and apply for enrollment in 2024. For further information on IDSVA’s programs and testimonials from current students and alumni, individuals can contact [](

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