Invasion Alert: How You Can Help Save Washington’s Marine Ecosystems from the Threat of Invasive Species with Friends of the San Juans’ Molt Search Program

The power of community and science combined: Taking action!

Invasive species threaten the health of Washington’s marine waters, and Friends of the San Juans is inviting the public to participate in WSU Extension and Washington Sea Grant’s “Molt Search” program. This community science initiative aims to address the threat posed by the invasive European green crab, which is considered one of the world’s worst invasive species. With only a limited amount of shoreline being monitored by existing programs, there is a need for volunteers to help search for these invaders in order to protect local marine ecosystems.

The Molt Search program involves monitoring shorelines for old shells of green crabs, and volunteers can learn how to conduct surveys and report their findings using a mobile app. Friends of the San Juans will be hosting Molt Search Workshops in June, providing opportunities for community members to get involved. Virtual training sessions will be held on June 18 via Zoom, and in-person training will take place on Orcas Island on June 19 and Lopez Island on June 26. Participants can register for the workshops on the Friends of the San Juans website.

To learn more about this initiative or how you can get involved, contact Jess Newley, Friends’ Community Science and Education Director via email at or visit their website. This is a great opportunity for community members to contribute to a meaningful cause by getting involved in the fight against invasive species. By combining community efforts with scientific research, individuals can take action to protect Washington’s marine waters and preserve the health of local ecosystems. Join Friends of the San Juans in making a difference through this important program!

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