Jinergy Launches Enhanced Offshore Solar Modules for High-Reliability, Cost-Effective Energy Generation in Marine Environments

Jinergy introduces new and improved offshore module technology solution

Jinergy recently launched a new line of offshore solar modules that have been enhanced to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments. These modules were designed with a focus on reliability, taking into account the quality of the module glass, frame, junction box, encapsulation material, and sealing silicone.

The decision to launch these enhanced modules was driven by the many benefits that the marine environment offers, such as easy accessibility for transmission, reduced rental costs, and favorable lighting conditions. By utilizing two-layer coating glass, reinforced seal junction boxes and connectors, low water permeability encapsulation material, and sealing silicone, Jinergy has developed two types of frame solutions – an aluminum frame with increased anodized thickness and a polyurethane composite frame.

These new offshore solar modules have improved resistance to salt spray corrosion and water vapor intrusion, ensuring high reliability and efficient power generation over the long term. They also provide excellent resistance to water vapor intrusion which significantly enhances their performance.

The economics of offshore PV systems are steadily improving thanks to factors such as large-scale production, optimized design and increased power generation efficiency leading to lower overall costs and higher economic benefits. Additionally policy support and environmental advantages also play a positive role in the economics of offshore solar energy.

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