Miraculous Comebacks: Oklahoma and Indiana’s Impressive Basketball Showdowns

March 25, 2024 – Oklahoma Sooners to face off against Indiana Hoosiers

The Oklahoma and Indiana teams are displaying impressive ball control, with Oklahoma having 9 turnovers and Indiana having just 4.

In the fourth quarter, with only 3:13 left to play, Oklahoma managed to take a slim lead over Indiana, making the score 61-60 after trailing since 5:18. Despite this, Indiana was able to tie the game at 48 in the fourth quarter at 9:25, after being behind by a point since the start of the third quarter at 6:50.

During the third quarter, with only 7:04 left to play, Oklahoma was able to tie the game at 32 after trailing by a point since 9:20 in the quarter. Meanwhile, in the second quarter with just 48 seconds remaining, Indiana took a one-point lead over Oklahoma at 29-28 after being behind by a point for most of the period. Lastly, in the first quarter with only 1 minute and 53 seconds remaining, Indiana tied things up at 19 after trailing by four points since minute four of that same quarter.

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