NFL Approves New Rules for Football Tackling and Foul Enforcement, Gives Teams More Challenge Opportunities

NFL approves new penalty enforcement rules for plays resulting in turnovers

The NFL announced on Monday that it has approved a ban on hip-drop tackles, as well as changes to how fouls are enforced during plays resulting in a change of possession.

At the league meeting this year, the Competition Committee proposed that penalties for major offensive fouls such as unnecessary roughness be enforced on plays where both teams commit fouls before the change of possession. This change was made to ensure consistency in enforcing all major fouls. The proposal was approved by a vote of team owners, with two-thirds of the teams in the league needing to approve any change to be added to the rulebook.

In addition to these changes, the league also approved a proposal that would allow teams a third challenge if either of their first two challenges is successful. This change aims to give teams more opportunities to challenge calls and ensure fair play on the field.

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