Pee Dee Food Service Transitions 90 Micro Market Kiosks to Cantaloupe Technology for Seamless Operating System and Enhanced Customer Service

Cantaloupe Inc. Teams Up with Pee Dee Food Service for Cutting-Edge Micro Markets Kiosk Technology

Pee Dee Food Service, a company specializing in vending, micro market, and office coffee services, has announced a partnership with Cantaloupe Inc., a technology solutions provider for self-service applications. This collaboration will see 90 micro market kiosks fully transition onto Cantaloupe technology, offering advanced and reliable solutions to customers.

According to Jeff Dumbrell, Chief Revenue Officer at Cantaloupe, upgrading micro market locations with Cantaloupe’s Cantaloupe Go line of kiosks is crucial in the convenience sector. The need for innovative technology solutions has been demonstrated through this upgrade, highlighting the benefits of having a single provider for hardware and software needs.

James Drost, Sales Manager at Pee Dee Food Service, explained that switching to Cantaloupe technology was driven by various factors including avoiding excessive fees and the need for technological upgrades. Cantaloupe’s transparent pricing and commitment to providing upgrades without additional charges were key factors in the decision. The seamless integration of services into one operating system has improved visibility into sales data, simplified operations and enhanced customer service.

Overall, the partnership between Cantaloupe Inc. and Pee Dee Food Service has been beneficial for both companies. Cantaloupe’s innovative technology solutions and superior service have met the evolving needs of their customers while Pee Dee Food Service has streamlined its operations resulting in cost savings.

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