Precision Pulley & Idler Partners with Central College to Develop Decision Science Curriculum

Central College awarded $50,000 grant for research on ‘decision science’ curriculum • Iowa Capital Dispatch

Central College has received a planning grant from Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI), a Pella-based manufacturing company, to develop a “decision science” curriculum. The $50,000 grant will support research and curriculum development focusing on artificial intelligence, analytics, and digital transformation. This new curriculum will connect various departments within the college including math, computer science, and business.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Mary Strey mentioned that decision science elements are already present in some teaching practices at Central College. The grant will enable faculty to formalize these elements into a new program and possibly introduce new courses. Central College President Mark Putnam expressed gratitude for the partnership with PPI and emphasized the need to respond to evolving workforce demands through initiatives like the decision science curriculum.

The partnership between Central College and PPI is expected to address changes in workplaces, the introduction of new technologies, and shifts in business and consumer behaviors. Leslie Johnston, PPI’s vice president of human resources, highlighted the company’s pride in supporting Central College and its efforts to provide impactful education to students that align with current and future business needs.

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