Russian Investigative Committee Chairman Confirms Death Toll of Crocus City Hall Attack: President Putin Urges Cooperation in Uncovering Details

Alexander Bastryk reports that 139 individuals have been victims of terrorism in Crocus.

Following the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, the number of victims rose to 139, with 75 identified and ongoing identification efforts for the rest. Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, provided this information to President Vladimir Putin.

President Putin expressed concern over the attack and emphasized the need for cooperation among intelligence services and law enforcement agencies to uncover more details about the perpetrators. In other news, various top 10 lists were featured on different topics such as best bedding protectors, parasol covers, robot lawn mowers, smart doorbells, security systems, self-tanning creams, inflatable kayaks, and more. These lists provided expert reviews and recommendations for consumers looking to make informed choices in various product categories.

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