Tennis Greats Go Their Separate Ways: Ivanisevic Leaves Djokovic’s Team After Six Successful Years

Novak Djokovic and coach Goran Ivanisevic go their separate ways, with world No. 1 expressing gratitude: ‘Thank you for everything, my friend’

Goran Ivanisevic has announced his departure from Novak Djokovic’s team after six successful years of coaching. Ivanisevic has played a crucial role in helping Djokovic achieve his current record-breaking tally of 24 Grand Slam singles titles, with a particular focus on improving his serve.

Djokovic took to Instagram to express his gratitude to Ivanisevic and share the news of their split in a touching post. He recounted the moment he invited Ivanisevic to join his team in 2018 and the impact they had together on and off the court. Despite their ups and downs, Djokovic emphasized the strength of their friendship and thanked Ivanisevic for their time working together.

While Djokovic remains at the top of the world rankings, he has faced some challenges in 2024, including a semi-final loss at the Australian Open and a surprising second-round exit at Indian Wells. With the clay-court season approaching, Djokovic will now navigate this next chapter in his career without Ivanisevic by his side. Fans can catch all the top tennis action, including the French Open, live on discovery+, the Eurosport app, and

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