Tesla Offers One-Month Trial of FSD Technology to Boost Sales and Gather Data Amid Competition and Weakening Demand

Tesla offers customers a one-month trial of driver-assist technology

Tesla is set to offer a one-month trial of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology to both new and existing customers in the United States, as confirmed by CEO Elon Musk and the company’s website. In addition, Musk has mandated that Tesla staff provide demonstrations of FSD to new buyers and owners of serviced vehicles, based on two emails authenticated by a Tesla source. This move comes amid pressure on Tesla’s sales and margins due to price competition and weakening demand.

Tesla’s driver-assist systems such as Autopilot and FSD still require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicles autonomous. The company is currently under regulatory scrutiny regarding safety and marketing practices for its self-driving systems, which has added to the challenges faced by CEO Elon Musk in delivering on his promise of achieving full autonomy for Tesla vehicles.

The trial has been made available for new sales of Tesla models X, S, and Y, as per information on Tesla’s website. This move could help boost sales growth in the short term while also providing valuable data for future improvements to FSD technology. However, it remains uncertain whether this will be enough to offset the impact of price competition from other automakers or the weakening demand for EVs in some regions.

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