Thousands Protest Against Israel in Jordanian Capital Amman

Protesters in Amman call for an end to agreements with Israel

For the second night in a row, thousands of people gathered in the Jordanian capital to protest against Israel. The demonstrations were organized by a youth group and were held near the Israeli embassy. As a result, police and gendarmerie had to be deployed to prevent the crowd from getting too close to the embassy.

Two individuals were arrested during the protests for attempting to break through the security forces’ cordon, according to The website reported that more than 10,000 people participated in the demonstration.

The participants demanded that the Jordanian government take concrete action to stop Israel’s aggression against Palestinians. They called for an end to all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and gas agreement. Additionally, they demanded a ban on land deliveries of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and on exports of vegetables.

According to, protesters also believed that Amman should cease military cooperation with the United States, which they held responsible for aggression in Gaza Strip. Moreover, protesters insisted on opening borders for Jordanian youth who wanted to join Palestinian resistance movement.

Overall, these demonstrations highlight growing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians and underscore how such tensions can have far-reaching consequences beyond just two nations’ borders.

It is worth noting that these types of demonstrations have become increasingly common in recent years as young people seek ways to express their frustration with political issues affecting their lives and communities.

As tensions continue to escalate between Israelis and Palestinians, it is important for both sides to come together and find peaceful solutions that respect each other’s rights and dignity.

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