UNI Group Resilient in the Face of Financial Challenges, Expands Hybrid Market Concept Amidst Employee Shortage

Unimarkt branches transitioning into franchises

Despite facing challenges in the financial year 2023/24, the UNI Group achieved total sales of around 474 million euros. The group, consisting of Unimarkt Handelsgesellschaft, UNIWholesale, and UNILogistik, had to close some of its online shops due to their lack of profitability. Additionally, the ruling by the Constitutional Court regarding opening times resulted in changes in schedules and operations for the 17 locations in UNIBox.

Despite these challenges, Unimarkt has plans to expand its hybrid market concept with an expansion plan for 16 more locations in the upcoming year. The group currently operates two hybrid locations and sees this concept as the future of its operations amidst challenges in finding employees. In addition to Unimarkt Handels GmbH and UNILogistik, the group also owns 50% of convenience supplier unik, which achieved sales of 87 million euros in the previous financial year. With around 3,100 employees, the group remains focused on sustainable growth and strategic expansion.

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